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  Wadaagsan Company LLC (WCL)

                                             TERMS OF REFERENCE

Job name and title:

(Senior Surveyor, 1 position) 


Wadaagsan Company LLC 

Duty station:

Garacad, Mudug-Puntland


1 year and renewal 

Reporting to:

Project Manager



Closing date:

The deadline is 04/APR/2022, 6:00PM EAT




Wadaagsan Company LLC (WC) is the owner and the developer of Garacad Port, the first privately funded port facility in Somalia. Established in 2016, the Company headquarter is in Galkacyo, Puntland, Somalia. WCL is special Investment Company which represents a strong shareholder base with extensive expertise and capabilities in the construction and infrastructure development industry. Garacad Seaport Project envisages to positively turn the economic tide for Puntland, Central Regions of Somalia and Eastern Ethiopia due to its excellent strategic location as a gateway for import/export services for the rich and various natural resources of the region. Our ultimate goal is to develop modern port infrastructure and transit corridor with quality, reliable, and sustainable strategy focusing on economic growth and job creation.

Wadaagsan Company is looking for Senior Surveyor to conduct land surveys and perform mathematical calculations with a high level of accuracy.  Capable of using specialized equipment (Total Station, GPS and GIS) to measure land boundaries and creating maps or charts for employers to review.

Position: Senior surveyor. The base will be Garacad town office. 

Senior Surveyor position responsibilities: 

  1. Develop criteria for survey methods and procedures.
  2. Analyze survey objectives and specifications in order to prepare survey proposals or to direct others in survey proposal preparation.
  3. Prepare and maintain sketches, maps, reports, and legal descriptions of surveys in order to describe, certify, and assume liability for work performed.
  4. Direct or conduct surveys in order to establish legal boundaries for properties, based on legal deeds and titles.
  5. Record the results of surveys, including the shape, contour, location, elevation, and dimensions of land or land features.
  6. Calculate heights, depths, relative positions, property lines, and other characteristics of terrain.
  7. Supervise preparation of all data, charts, plots, maps, records, and documents related to surveys.
  8. Examine previous records and evidence to ensure data accuracy, verify the accuracy of survey data, including measurements and calculations conducted at survey sites.
  9. Determine longitudes and latitudes of important features and boundaries in survey areas, using theodolites, transits, levels, and satellite-based global positioning systems (GPS).
  10. Coordinate findings with the work of engineering and architectural personnel, clients, and others concerned with projects.
  11. Presenting data to clients and preparing reports detailing legal boundaries and other relevant information.
  12. Collaborating and working with project managers, construction crews, and government agencies, when necessary.
  13. Adjust surveying instruments in order to maintain their accuracy.


Teamwork: works with job colleagues to achieve organizational goals. Shares experience and accepts joint responsibility for team.

Professionalism: knowledge of admin and finance which shows pride of the work, remain calm with pressure and stressful situation.

Planning and organizing: set and develop clear goals the consistent with the organizational policy and strategy.



  • Working knowledge of GPS, GIS and AutoCAD 
  • Tech savvy, including familiarity with CAD software
  • Aptitude in math and problem-solving
  • Able to extract quantities of materials from the survey drawings
  • Well versed with MS Excel/word spread sheet calculations
  • Great organizational and leadership skills 
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills.


Minimum Degree in Civil Engineering or similar field. 


Work experience:

10 years’ experience as a surveyor or in a similar role qualifying experience in surveys, office management would be added value.


Wadaagsan LLC Experience in Efficiency, competence and integrity:

According to Wadaagsan HR policy is to consider in the employment of the staff the necessity of securing highest standards of efficiency, competence, transparent and integrity. 


Technical Evaluation Criteria for all positions:

  • Qualification and experience (40%);
  • Track record of successful works of past organizations (30%);
  • Financial bid (10%);
  • Willingness and flexibility to work within the required base and time (20%).




Only short listed will be contacted.


How to Apply

Send your CV and Application letter to the following email address:

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