First Container Cargo Ship Docked Garacad seaport

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Tritex Glory Container ship Docked at Garacad Seaport

Thursday, May 4, 2023: First container line ship docked at Garacad seaport

The first container ship to dock at Garacad Seaport marks a significant milestone for the port and the region as a whole. Container ships revolutionized the shipping industry by standardizing cargo transport and reducing handling costs. The arrival of these ships at Garacad Seaport means that the port can now handle larger volumes of cargo, which will boost trade and economic growth in the region. Additionally, the use of container ships will improve the efficiency and speed of cargo handling, reducing transit times and costs for both importers and exporters. Overall, the arrival of the first container ship at Garacad Seaport is a positive development for the local economy and trade in the region.

As the Ceo of Garacad Port told Tritex Glory will arrive twice every Month Coming From Sharjah To Garacad Port Direct Call

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